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Amalie  Ellifson

Amalie  Ellifson

Property Manager
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Benjamin  Courtis

Benjamin  Courtis

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Ben Courtis has energy and enthusiasm that knows no bounds, in daily life and especially in his role as Director at Hagen & Co Real Estate, Woodlands.

From first surf to sunset, Ben spends his time keeping up to date with the latest local market knowledge and meeting with buyers, sellers, owners, tenants and contractors around the area to maintain a well-oiled business with unrivalled drive and enthusiasm.

Ben prides himself on being generous with knowledge and advice, going above and beyond to keep his clients informed throughout the process of appraisals, buying and selling. He is gifted in liaising and passionate about ensuring the best service possible, a trait established during his early days at Hale School.

Ben has an innate local knowledge that comes from growing up in the area, joining Hagen & Co as the next generation of a proud family business, which informs his abilities working in both sales and property management – This place is in his blood.

“Our philosophy is that a home means something different to every single person. Tell us your dreams and we will match you with the best possible home situation.”

Brett  Deane

Brett  Deane

Sales Representative
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Meet Brett Deane, the newest member of the Hagen & Co team.

He grew up in a beautiful country town on the coast of South Australia, played football for Glenelg in the SANFL for eight years, worked in the equine industry as a State Manager for Vic, Tas and SA, has recently been living in the UAE and now comes to Perth to join his family business and sink his teeth into Real Estate.

Brett has an enthusiasm to learn about the world, a professional approach to clients, a quick wit and oodles of potential in the real estate business. He prides himself on setting the bar high.

We can’t wait for you to meet another new, confident and friendly face at Hagen & Co.
Gail  Courtis

Gail  Courtis

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Licensee of Hagen & Co, Gail Courtis brings local to the next level, as she believes in living, working and contributing to her community. Originally moving to Western Australia for a career as a jeweller and cosmetics buyer, Gail quickly saw the value behind local real estate.

In 1985, Gail obtained her Real Estate Licence and sought out a position in a community that reflected her own values. As Gail and her husband raised their three children in Doubleview, she consistently shared her enthusiasm for the community with her clients and her passion for the local community developed alongside her family.

Over 30 years later, Gail has built a solid reputation in the real estate industry and has welcomed her son Benjamin into the family business. Gail expects her clients to set their standards high, as she believes successful real estate to be a symbiotic relationship between seller, agent and buyer; owner, tenant and property manager.
Katrina  Perceval

Katrina  Perceval

Trust Accountant
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Nicole  Casey

Nicole  Casey

Property Manager
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